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List of CDS and CIS of CHEMCON 2022

Sl.No. Name of the CDS Award Proposed Speaker of Chemcon-2022 Topic of CDS & CIS
1 Solenis Bharat Ratna Professor CN R Rao Medal and Chemcon Distinguished Speaker Award Prof. Nasib Qureshi, ARS, Dept of Agriculture, Govt. of USA Green Bio-Refineries: Novel Engineering Technologies for Bio Conversion of Biomass to Biofuels and Chemicals
2 RPG Life Science Padma Vibhushan Prof M M SharmaMedal and Chemcon Disting Dr Shishir Sinha, Director General, CIPET Government Regulation to aid circulareconomy for Chemical Industry
3 Asian Paints Padma VibhushanDr R A Mashelkar Medal and Distinguished Speaker Award Prof. Thaddues Ezeji, Dept of Bio Engineering, Ohio State University, USA Green Chemistry – A case for the production of 2, 3 – butanediol from Biomass
4 Deepak Group’s Padma BhushanProf. L.K. Doraiswamy Chemcon Distinguished Speaker Prof. Jayant K. Singh,HOD, Dept of Chemical Engineering,IIT, Kanpur Net Zero : Current Status andChallenges.
5 Hetero Drugs Prof. G.S. Ladha Chemcon Distinguished SpeakerAward Mr. John Rodrigues, Business Leader, Digital Transformation, Emerson Digital Transformation in Chemical Industry
6 Chemical Weekly’s Padmashri DrG P Kane Chemcon Distinguished Speaker Award Ms. Prerna Chatterjee, Global Sustainability, Sr. Manager, BASF, NJ, USA Cultivating a sustainable Palm Oil future
7 CSIR-ICT-Avon’s Padmashri Dr. G.S. Sidhu Chemcon Distinguished Speaker Award Mr Ranjan Sinnarkar, Director Sales Emerson Process Solution Hydrogen – Fuel of the future
8 Sartorius India’s Chemcon Distinguished Speaker Award Mr. Alok Pandit Managing Director Equinox Software Services Data Management and Analysis for performance improvement in Chemical Industry
9 UPL Smt Sandra R Shroff Chemcon Distinguished SpeakerAward Prof. Asim Duttaroy Faculty of Medicine University of Oslo, Norway Impacts of plastic-derived endocrinedisruptors on fetal development
10 Hikal’s Chemcon DistinguishedSpeak er Award Mr. Gautam Samanta Mr Nilesh Mahajan, Director, Roofsol Solar Energy Solar Energy and its application inChemical Process Industry
11 CSIR-CSMCRI Chemcon Distinguished Speaker Award Prof. M Ghangrekar, Dept of Civil Engineering,IIT Kharagpur A pilot scale demonstrates of O3/H2O2/UV – coupled solar concentrator with membrane bio reactor and activated carbon for treatment ofPetrochemical Wastewater
12 CSIR-CLRI Padma Bhushan DrNayadumma Chemcon Distinguished Speaker Award Dr Steve Hughes Director, Genscript , USA The first of a new generation of automated high – throughput manufacturing platform for gene therapyproducts
13 DOST Prof S K Sharma Medaland Chemcon Distinguished Speaker Award Dr. Veera Boddu, Environmental Protection AgencyGovt. of USA Carbon Nanotube Synthesis &Fabrication of Multilayer Nanocomposite s
14 CSIR-NEERI Chemcon Distinguished Speaker Award Mr. Debabrata Ghosh, Director Sales, Oerlikon Barmag Recycling of Synthetic Polymers
15 CSIR-NCL’s Professor K Venkataraman Chemcon Distinguished Speaker Award(Biennial) Mr. Chirag Soni, Eastman Chemical Best Practices in hot oil heater operationand optimization
16 Labindia’s Padma Bhushan Professor R Kumar Chemcon Distinguished Speaker Award(Biennial) Prof. Vinay Srivastava, IIT Bombay Desalination and the Challenges in itsAdaption for Water Resource Augmentation.
17 Indorama Dhunseri Distinguished Speaker Award Mr. Suresh Padmanabhan, Global technology Head (PET) Indorama Ventures Ltd., Thailand Utilization of Plastic and Polymer waste
18 CHEMCON Invited Speaker Prateek Mahalwar, CEO & Co-Founder, BIOWEG, Germany Sustainability through Innovation : AGreener Approach
19 CHEMCON Invited Speaker Dr. S. Sridhar, CSIR-IICT Innovative Chemical Engineering to Promote Industrial Development and Societal Welfare
20 CHEMCON Invited Speaker Dr D. Bhattacharya, Technical Director Visioncraft India Ltd An eco-friendly approach to corrosionprevention.